The worst $12.50 I ever spent.

You know, you purchase something in hopes that you can write a stellar review, alas with the Kardashians… No such luck.

I guess I should’ve known. I mean, the “kollection” was on super discount at Meijer’s. I purchased their mascara for a discounted $5 and Kim’s famous nude lip trio for $7.49.


That regrettable moment when you know you should’ve just paid the extra $1.50 for Maybelline. Clumpy and crumby are the best words to use when it comes to their mascara. YUCK!!! Clearly they don’t use their product or don’t test it because how do you come on the make up scene with some subpar mascara?! The only nice thing I can say is I like the color of the tube it came in…. Other than that…

I have nice lashes that can be further accentuated with a good to great mascara; the wrong one can make me look disheveled and like I’ve started my day with the walk of shame. Instead of black, that should be the name of the mascara (wait no that name is actually quite catchy…) it flaked within a half hour, clumped patches of my lashes together; it wasn’t pretty. And I realized if I had paid full price for this drek hoping to look like a Kardashian, I would be LIVID.


Kim’s famous nude lip… How do I put this? It isn’t for people of color. There is a nude that is flattering on most skin but this isn’t that color. It’s chalky and flat, and I don’t even think Kim uses that color. It picks up no pink and if its even possible seemingly has a white undertone. It’s literally an unsalvageable lip gloss and “lipstick/ lip liner” combo. It does not go on smooth, it’s drying, and it doesn’t smell nice.

Though most days the Kardashians look beat up from the feet up, I’m positive it’s not from their make up line Khroma (they’re being sued for the name as well)

My review for this on the scale of 1-10 would be a three. And that is due to the hope they give you by putting their names and faces on the product. I paid $12.50 for a picture of the Kardashians I could see online for free. I feel jipped.


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