From the runway to real life!


So I’m not a fan of oxblood – time did not make the color (burgundy) or the name grow on me; however this style of dress is a awesome.

I’m biased, a few weeks ago I purchased this style dress in red for (wait for it) $14.99!!


It is pleather so I have a task to make it look like it’s richer. But I love how Asos is on it with cut and style. Leather skirts and dresses and the color red are en vogue (fall 2012) well into the spring. Its all about picking and choosing seasonal “fads” and incorporating them into your personal style print.
Look for my tutorial on how to make such a statement dress a closet staple and extremely versatile.

Asos also has a cool app called fashion up and it’s a great “app-azine” definitely worth a download!

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