How to make a MAC paint pot (using MAC)

I broke my MAC Amber Lights eyeshadow.

I turned it into a MAC paint pot. (Kept the case and everything)

I mean why didn’t I think of it sooner?
It’s the perfect solution and unlike making a cream shadow from just any old eyeshadow, you’re making it with MAC. I don’t care what anyone says, MAC has some of the most richly pigmented eyeshadow around. And it uses two ingredients!

How to:
•Dump crumpled eyeshadow into a microwave safe bowl.
•Clean out eyeshadow compact and set to the side.
•Mix in Vaseline sparingly to build a paste.
•Microwave in 30 second intervals in order to melt Vaseline and blend eyeshadow till smooth.
• Once you have created a smooth paste (NOT LIQUID), pour back into clean eyeshadow compact.
• Place in refrigerator to let cool.
* once cooled I used a cold spoon to smooth it out a bit more.


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