I won the ASOS Fashion Up Contest

I never win anything. That is until now. I just found out today that I won ASOS #fashionup contest. Let me start by saying the “appzine” is truly AMAZING and it’s FREE. Go download and then come back so you can co-sign the previous statement! It’s filled with clothes, articles, make up, music, how to wears… I’d buy this like I buy Lucky so you know the feelings run deep.

But down to the nitty gritty: I basically won everything in the March 11th issue that ASOS Makes. That’s over 40 things including this skirt for over $160.00


I say all that to say they did NOT skimp on the good stuff. I’ve been loving ASOS since the were only UK but the US is doing me great too. They’re an all around great clothing brand for the following reasons:
1) Great clothes for a great price. (Not everything is under $50 but the quality is superb and their sales are just wonderful)
2) VERY customer friendly! They didn’t just start speaking to me when I won; they really engage their twitter followers too @asos And you want to know that with online shopping you will reach someone. A happy helpful someone.
3) On trend while maintaining style. That’s a big thing for me. I purchased a leather moto jacket from them years ago that I STILL rock today!!

Of course there will be follow up posts to show you guys my winnings and how I styled them! I just wanted to let you know and encourage you to download the app and be a part of the awesomeness that is ASOS!!

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