Product Review – Hard Candy CC Cream

So I gave in. I went and purchased Hard Candy CC cream. I love Maybeline’s BB cream so I figured lets see if this is better!!!

I ended up having mixed feelings for one reason only. Hard Candy CC cream in dark (I’m not considered dark by the way) just matched my skin-tone by a hair on its chin. Clearly this line wasn’t created for WOC which is a pity as its truly a decent CC Cream for its price.

* my hand is darker than my face*

Onto the pro’s:
• Smells great! I like the sunscreen smell it reminds me of the beach and summer. Who doesn’t like that?
• A little goes a long way. It’s thin in consistency so be mindful when you press it out.
• Very nice as far as minimal coverage goes. It gave me an even healthy glow. But I would still suggest concealer if you have noticeable dark spots
• Great cost! $8 for a CC cream? I’ll take it!

The end result is a soft glowy (NOT SPARKLY) airbrushed finish. Also please keep in mind the end look includes Tarte cheek stain and lipgloss. Perfect if you’re not big on makeup and/or summer/ warm months. I still want to see long term affects but I would definitely suggest this to my lighter skin tones friends.

I would also implore Hard Candy to consider all WOC next time!

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