The Dress Code for Single Girls

So how many of us are about to experience yet another single summer? While you see girls boo’d up with boyfriends frolicking on beaches, sharing fries under the fireworks, letting their maxi dresses and hair blow in the breeze as they kiss… 😕
Is it too much to bear? Do you wonder why them and not you? I was about to and then I realized, if I do that I’ll throw myself a pity party and try to be something I’m not to “catch” something that was never meant for me.
I do think there is a way to dress if you want to attract someone/ catch a man; However I stopped and thought: “This would be the perfect time to dress for yourself Jai. Like re-define and hone in on your style a part from being with a guy.” And no matter how fashion forward you are, in a relationship, you compromise your style, even if just a little bit. So why not really celebrate being single?
So this is a dress code for SINGLE girls. Not girls trying to catch a guy for the seasons sake, but for single girls to take advantage of this time!

Be Fearless
Now is the time to express yourself with reckless abandon! (To some degree) think about it… You’re not trying to impress some guy, so why not try socks and platforms?


Mixed prints?

Just Jump in already!!! Mix those bad boys!! Camo, snake, Graffiti? Don’t mind if I do!!


How about a Pinafore dress & crop top?


Why not dye your hair the color you always wanted to? Or *gasp* that haircut you always liked(it grows back)?

[thats my friend Imani aka Imi – never interrupt her song. She is one fearless Chica! She chopped her hair into an awesome fro hawk AND colored it! Follow her on IG @imialmondeye]

Take some fashion chances is all I’m saying. You’re in a good space even if it might not feel that way. You have a chance to find out what “eggs you like”. {runaway bride reference}
Who knows, you might bump into Mr. Right while exploring your inner Cyndi Lauper (she came way before Nikki Minaj),you may not but either way it’s win win right?

And hey while you’re at it, follow me and tag me with your fearless single girl posts on IG so I can repost!! @fashionunder50

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