How To get 2 pairs of shoes for UNDER $.50 – 5 steps to fashion frugality

So Wednesday I got two pairs of shoes for $.15

You read that correctly.

I’m not fashion under $50 for no reason. I think being fashionable and building your style can be attained without having to break your bank. Though my site says fashion, I tend to lean heavily on the style side [there is a difference] because that will help you spot in trend pieces that not only build your wardrobe, but enhance and create longevity and diversity within your wardrobe.

This purchase culminates five of the key points in mastering fashion under 50 that I want to share:

Every sale isn’t for you – We’ve all heard it before; you can check the sales out but don’t buy unless you can really see 3 outfits from your purchase. Anything less is a waste. Even on sales.

Take chances on a trend – Metallics, mint green, and t-strap shoes are all in this seasons trend. Though I’m not a pastel girl, I am willing to try this trend because it is SUCH a bargain. At the very least these shoes can dress up some boyfriend jeans at brunch, give a little pop to workplace slacks, and run the streets for a girls night out in Columbus.

Know your comfort zone – then ease out a bit. It is my personal opinion that gradual change is better than a drastic change. Too much of a shock to your fashion system can send you reeling backwards. But gradual changes, encourage growth in your style and confidence in your choices. Those “chucks” are a go to sneaker. But instead of leaning on my beat up chucks… I zhuzzed it up by opting for a snake print & studs. Will that combo forever be in vogue? No, but I like snake print & studs so I’ll find ways to continually incorporate them into my wardrobe.

Clubs are cool. Not every shoe, jewelry, clothing club is cool. And too many defeat the purpose of saving money; but a good one with quality product is worth it’s weight in gold. Shoedazzle went from no commit to $10 a month for VIP. At first I was mad but that’s way less than what I spend on Starbucks. Months can go buy and I won’t buy shoes (I’ll look I just won’t buy) then one day you’ll get an email reminding you that you have “free money”. That coupled with sales = big pay off for you!

Wait it out – I eluded to it in the previous point but you don’t always have to buy something. Some seasons I just go on hiatus or DIY because I won’t buy just to have a trend. It has to fit my style or it doesn’t get my money. Period.

If you incorporate these 5 key points when shopping, I guarantee you and your wardrobe will experience a better level of variety and style without killing your wallet!

Shop wisely!
Both pair of shoedazzle shoes are a part of their current $15 sale. My VIP credits all but wiped out the cost of the shoes.

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