A Sunday afternoon stroll

I think it can go without saying that moving to Ohio has been one of the hardest adjustments I’ve ever had to make.

20130805-131855.jpgIt wasn’t easy to find ease, or get lost in a small city once you’ve lived in NYC (greatest city in the world!).
But this Sunday, I found peace and the remembrance of the West Side Highway at Columbus’s Scioto Mile.


The summer makes it a melting pot of culture as all the parents bring their children there to play in the fountain. You can just sit and soak up the sun and magnificent views, or eat and chat at bistro that’s right there…

20130805-132644.jpgI just sort of melted back into the Sunday “brunch” Jai I know and love. We strolled the mile, talked in between thoughts, and I was finally inspired.


20130805-133230.jpgI realize now is the time to move in assurance and fearlessness. Not only with fashion choices, but in my life as a whole.
The time is now.

20130805-133429.jpgMy Sunday Stroll outfit was courtesy of H&M. The ease of the “tribal print” harem joggers and army green trapeze top made Sunday a breeze well into to evening. [not pictured, chambray tennis shoes – Target]
Enjoy your summer and shop wisely!

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