Fashion Under 50 Style Spotlight – Vacation Chic

Resort/ vacation wear is a tricky concept for your average Jane. It’s not work appropriate (for your typical 9 to 5’s), and at best it’s fancy weekend attire in warm weather.
Since you have (max) 12 warm weekends in a year and about two weeks of annual vacation time, spending beaucoup bucks on resort wear isn’t fiscally responsible.

This blog spotlight is for my God sister who managed pull off this stunning vacation look for….$10!!

You heard me correctly, that cute printed romper was just $10! First off let’s note how the pattern of the fabric coupled with the serene blue tones make that the PERECT vacation pattern. In a world of onesie/ romper casualties she steered clear of danger by picking a romper that hits just below her knees. Too long and she would’ve drowned in the print and fabric, too short and there could’ve been thigh chaffing (women with thighs understand this completely as this goes into account when trying on shorts and skirts).
The strapless bodice and blouson waist not only create definition while providing forgiveness; you can take this romper from day to night on a cruise-ship.

She found this outfit at a boutique in NYC that was going out of business.

If you have any fashion under $50 submissions that you’d like to be considered for featuring on our blog site/ Facebook page/ Instagram please submit the following to
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Shop wisely!

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