Birthday Me.

So last Friday, August 16th, I celebrated my birthday. On Thursday I thought to myself how lovely it would be to have a one of a kind skirt for a one of a kind me!
Immediately, the infamous Carrie Bradshaw tulle skirt popped into my head.

But pictures online couldn’t measure up to what I saw for myself in my head. *sad panda… Or is she…?*
I pinned many pictures and headed to Joann’s fabric where tulle was on sale.
The woman who worked there and I quickly became friends as I shared my vision. As I threw, layered and smashed tulle together she stood silent, eyes bright watching it come together. She asked “will you need a pattern?”
I replied “No, I freehand sew… Fits my body better. I look at something; it clicks; I sew.” She nodded her head in approval.
By the time my birthday came in (12:02) I was finalizing the hand stitching.
In my newly made birthday skirt I took myself on a Cleveland birthday excursion that included custom donuts (Love, peace & donuts), the museum, and arguably the best burger I’ve ever had (Great Lakes Brewery). The skirt was a hit! Loved by all…

The best compliment coming from a man at the museum: “ma’am you look like a work of art. You should be an exhibit it this museum.”
🙂 Birthday me indeed.

If you’re interested in ordering a custom made tulle skirt from Fashion Under 50, please contact us at

Shop wisely!


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