How To make Bodycon Dresses Less Intimidating

When I first won the striped Bodycon dress from Asos and I saw the picture I did the “ratchet girl” YAAAAAASSSSSSS!! In my head.

Then I got the dress.
So that’s what Bodycon means.
Bodycon dresses are not only intimidating to those wearing them, but they’re intimidating to those who see you in them. Meaning, in a daytime setting you really don’t want to come off as overt/ overtly sexy; so how then does one make the Bodycon dress less intimidating?

If you’re dressing down this dress, I would avoid heels and wedges. Instead I’d opt for a sneaker or flats. I chose Hi-tops and argyle sox to make this look more fun and funky rather than femme fatale.

An “easy” style loosens up the look and feel of a fitted dress. So instead of a high bun, or slicked back (those styles make your look more chic) I went with a half up half down look. Think Cree Summers as Freddie Brooks on a Different World.
Make Up
If you go bold, go light. So instead of red, I went pink. If the theme is to make a Bodycon dress look more carefree soften your face with a pink or neutral lip.

The Inside
I don’t care if you’re a size 0;if you plan on doing anything other than breathing in that dress, WEAR SPANX! Though SPANX won’t mold you into your dream body (that’s exercise) they will keep lumps and bumps smooth. Spanx – in your size – are a seriously wise investment.

LipstickMAC – Nicki Minaj Viva Glam
HairMilk + Honey Curl Delight Mist

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