The Last Day – Mixed Print

It’s crazy. This is my last day in NYC and I’m absolutely sick over it. Though it takes energy to get back into the busy mix of NYC (I have fatigue and an impending cold to prove it), I’m back and in it. This city I called home for all of my life, is a siren. Calling you in with her electricity, and magnetism. How fabulous and fail collide in the most poetic way, though NYC isn’t the only city (shocker right?), There is no place like NYC.

I haven’t only eaten my way through NYC in my brief visit back, I’ve absorbed the culture, the fashion, the vibe. In part to see if I still measured up (of course I do), and in part to see what was new.

I’ll return back to Ohio with refreshed eyes and a refreshed hunger to birth this baby called Fashion under $50.

In honor of fabulous fails, today’s outfit was a fail turned fabulous.

I thought I packed blue jeans but instead packed the black ones…
Turns out the black jeans paired with my “Denise Huxtable” Hawaiian print shirt and leopard flats perfectly! I’ll miss you NYC.

Shirt JCP
Pants Uniqlo
Shoes The Gap
Belt my Moms 🙂 borrowed

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