Dans la Nudité (In the Nude)

We love the make up!
We hate the make up!
We don’t want the make up to make a fool of us!

You’d be surprised how many women still feel anxious at the idea of make up.

Just this past weekend I heard MAC horror stories that would make a make up enthusiast cringe. From bad calls on foundation, to trying to be sold a drag look as daytime appropriate make up.

Here’s the thing, all make up isn’t for everybody but that doesn’t mean all make up isn’t for you.

Much like reds, I’ve had a hard time finding a great nude look as well. Nude is PERFECT for the person who wants to try make up or get used to the feeling of make up before taking it up a notch.

Mistakes (if made) are less visible with a nude face, your look is polished but not overt, and it doesn’t require as much “upkeep”.

Another issue is finding a nude for caramel complexions.

You see nudes everywhere that cater to fair skin and dark skin, but the “in between” complexion is hard to pin down a great go-to color. So my personal make up breakdown is for my fellow ladies in my color category. But I still want to give you a few notes on how to pick a perfect SIMPLE nude face.
1) Don’t do drugstore brands if this is your first search for a nude. What it looks like in the package could look totally different against your skin.
2) Do see a professional. Department stores, make up stores, and make up artists are all helpful. Be careful of any sales person who tries to bully you into a color or look. Remember YOU have to love your look.
3) Do try on many colors and look at them in different lights.
4) If you have oily skin, go for a cream lipstick.
5) If your skin isn’t oily try a matte lipstick.
6) For eyeshadow, a taupe/brown color goes the distance. And as my “Gaunty” says: “Child, the older you get you better stay away from that glittery stuff… Falling into wrinkles…” I laughed but it’s true. Glittery eyeshadow is a deathwish if you aren’t well versed in the glitter. A POWDER shadow with a slight sheen is better for a newbie than an eyeshadow pencil because you don’t have to be too precise.

LIPS – MAC Taupe (matte)
CHEEKS – Tarte awakening (great color for almost any complexion)
EYES – MAC Mulch
FACE – nothing. Moisturizer and a smile!


Shop wisely!!


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