The reality of Wardrobe Longevity – Carrie wasn’t 100% honest…

Even Carrie was broke….

We’ve read it a million times… There is no way Carrie Bradshaw lived so extravagantly on a columnists wages. Even if she got hit off with the occasional “you’d look good in this just take it” gifts (those are WONDERFUL by the way), she couldn’t afford the life she portrayed on the show. Denied for a loan by the bank, Charlotte wouldn’t loan you the money, yet your shoe worth was averaged to be 40k by Miranda. Credit Risk!!! And to think she had an army of middle – low income women thinking life wasn’t worth living without at least one pair of Manolo Blahniks or Jimmy Choo’s. For shame Carrie, for shame.

Though the series “lied” I appreciate the movie for doing what it should’ve done in the show. Reusing accessories to build wardrobe versatility and longevity. I squealed when I saw it…wondered if anyone else saw it too?

20131111-084840.jpg Her Shoes

Wardrobe longevity is a thing with me. People think I have a lot of clothes, but I remind them I’ve AMASSED all that I have over a decade of time! Buying classic pieces, letting go of trendy fads, staying the same size (that was work. But rather stay in shape than buy new clothes… It’s cheaper). Though I’ll be doing a series of blogs on repurposing key items to stretch your wardrobe, lets just take a moment to show how Carrie finally got it right…

20131111-085118.jpg Her Belt

Shop wisely!

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