The most intimidating shoe ever! (And how I conquered it)

I’m not sure if many know, but I am weening myself off of platforms. The reason being; a good amount have taken a turn for stripper AND, every shoe doesn’t need to be a platform!!! This coming from someone who is 5’6″ (short in comparison to my entire family that avg from 6′ – 6’7″ – my mother the shortest at 6′)

With that being said, when I saw these lovelies on shoedazzle, I didn’t know what to think!

A hybrid of Spats, Victorian boots and “hello!”
But my first question is always: can this work in the wardrobe you ALREADY have? Not just typical black & white but would these really be a contribution to my wardrobe instead of a random quirk. Though my VIP allowance would make them $10.00 after the already 1 day VIP sale, I still hesitated. All the way up until 11:59

When they arrived, I regretted it almost instantly. They were pretty to look at, but fresh on a new job, they seemed too intimidating to pull off. It was just too much shoe for me *gasp*. Luckily since I’m unpacking, I could see my wardrobe and quickly spotted a pair of cobalt blue cropped slacks that could give these shoes life and balance in my wardrobe. The height was staggering. Even though the platform was invisible I TOWERED over most of my new coworkers.

To say dressing as of late is bittersweet is an understatement. My clothing reflects a part of my personality, yet this job reeks of “I can’t handle it.”

But this day, this outfit, these shoes… I got hope. I’m not my clothes or my shoes, but they are a reflection of me. And though I mostly dress for myself, it was nice to receive affirmation that my personality was welcome in this new environment.

As for the shoes, they’ll definitely get great cost per wear, but they may be more of a weekend / go out shoe. I’m glad I conquered it.

Shop Wisely!!


  1. Those shoes look really wonderful on their own… plus with the outfit… And seriously.. your family is that tall? wow!

    We have to follow you.. your blog name is so enticing!

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