Emo shopping – how to avoid it!

One of the things I have struggled with is Emo Shopping. If you’re a “shopper” you’ve probably done it numerous times over in your life. You have a bad day; treat yourself. You got the promotion; treat yourself. He broke up with you; go out and redo your entire wardrobe!!! WASH THAT MAN OUTTA YOUR WARDROBE !!! Whatever way you slice it, it’s emotional shopping. Shopping that you do to fill a void or need that never gets met.

It’s the red pumps you bought after a breakup because you saw them on Pinterest on a model that you thought he would’ve preferred over you. (Yes I took it there because I know I’m speaking to someone who needs to read this.) You’ll never wear them but you insist it was cathartic.

I did it, last week, a pair of cute shoes on sale (non refundable) granted they were $25, the moment I stepped out of the store I KNEW it was an emotional purchase. New job, new place, new city… I longed to control something. Shoes are my vice of choice.


But I share this to be of help during this holiday season. This time of year is one of the loneliest times of the year and a quick fix way to feel needed/ loved/ valued is to go shopping. The numerous bags, new tags, the feels, oh the feels. They will reel you in if you let them.

20131212-145352.jpg http://rober-raik.deviantart.com/art/I-know-that-feel-bro-263589742

Sales can still equal debt.
If you’re doubling your purchases based on bargains it isn’t a bargain at all. The whole point of a sale or bargain is to pay less, so if you’re ending up paying the same or more it’s not a bargain
Solution: give yourself an allowance and STICK TO IT. If you are committing yourself to a limited amount of funds, you really weigh your purchase choices. This way you can still make a “feels” purchase but not have to pay the “feels” price.

Bag lady you’re gon’ hurt your back!
Nothing feels better than carrying an insurmountable amount of bags during this lonely season right? To the untrained eye it looks like you’re St. Nicholas for your family, but when you get home, the treats are for you!
Think about this: you’re also a walking target for thieves. If you are single, it’s just you walking to your car alone, down the block alone, opening your door alone. Too many bags make you less alert and can lead to delays in getting to a safe place. (Can’t take the New Yorker out of me) don’t let thieves prosper from your loneliness.

20131212-145744.jpg Pinterest

Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?
As a single person who has braved some holidays alone, do you know a sure fire way to beat Emo shopping? Spend time with your family!!! Can’t stand your kin?!?!!? VOLUNTEER! There is nothing that gets you out of your feels funk more than helping someone in need. It just feels good to be a blessing to someone other than yourself. And if you’re feeling especially giving, it’s a perfect opportunity to give some of your Emo bounty to others that are truly in need.

The holidays can be hard. But there are definite ways to combat Emo shopping. What are some of yours? Email us at thefashionunder50@gmail.com with some ways (and pics) you’ve dodged Emo spending this season and we will post all about you on Christmas Eve!!!!

Shop wisely!

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