When in Doubt Accessory it out!

Holiday parties. Listen, they’re tough. Office parties, after work parties, family gatherings, they can sometimes take the fun out of getting dressed.

I had a few (including Christmas Day) back to back holiday parties. Two of them in NYC AND I packed light. How on earth did I survive? Accessories. Accessories make simple choices go a long way.



The Office Party
This was my first office party at my new company. I still wanted to get dressy, but when I asked what the attire was and they said it didn’t matter, I figured it best to “err” on “conservative”. And by conservative I mean all black. Spruced it up with two key accessories of the season. An earcuff and lace open toed booties. That earcuff is LIFE with natural hair! It was the perfect balance of sparkle and quirk.
The laced open toed booties courtesy of Shoedazzle made me feel great! Like Prince. THAT is a compliment. They were so rock, that if there had been karaoke I would’ve definitely belted out “baby I’m a star”. You can’t go wrong with black or sparkle.



After Work Party
I do NOT do clubs… Wait I don’t go to clubs in dresses and heels. I go to dance so if I can’t wear chucks, tees. and a top [thank you Webster Hall], you won’t see me in a club. But, this time was different. It was a childhood friends birthday and the excuse “I have nothing to wear” (even though I didn’t) wouldn’t fly.
The crazy thing? My MOTHER picked out that dress. I had a migraine and felt ways, so I was spent. It turned out to be awesomely loud like my lion chain from Forever 21. That is a statement necklace. Between the dark lips, the hair, the cape, it was full out TASTEFUL gaudy chic.


20131226-161445.jpgThe Christmas Family Function
Finally family!!!! This was also my travel day so it was super simple with a muted green tee from H&M and my “pow” necklace with studded cone earrings. It’s family, food & laughter people!!! Nothing gets you glowing like your family so you really can “go light” on your accessories. Always remember to dress down when you can (shocker right?)

New Year’s Eve is a few days away so don’t forget: “When in doubt, accessory it out!”


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