Rihanna Can Do No Wrong… Or can She?

When it comes to pushing “product” (MAC cosmetics), the answer is a resounding “No!”

Rihanna is the everywoman embodiment for “bad girls”. She is just the right amount of no cares given, mixed with island girl sweetness. She appeals to the masses with her out of this world “normalcy”.

From eating oranges at awards shows, lip syncing Mariah Carey on Instagram, gifting family with wads of cash for Christmas, to selling her jewelry, gifted to her by her ex, Rihanna has a bit of it all. And if we could bottle her up and take her in doses, we would.

Both she and MAC knew this and have yet again blown us away with their new collaboration for Viva Glam. The new stain will be out this month. Let’s hope MAC can get their online game together for this release!


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