How to look good with a cold/flu

20140107-133622.jpgSo it’s cold and flu season again. Maybe you don’t have the PTO, maybe you work for Sadists or you’re into involuntary masochism and work in spite of sickness, maybe a polar vortex isn’t enough for your office to close. Whatever the case is, you have to be a functioning part of the work force.

But how do you do it? How do you commute/ drive in and NOT look like you’ve spent the night banging your face on cold, icy concrete? I’ll tell you how. This sure fire list – though it won’t help you instantly feel better- will help you look better while you’re recovering.

1) If you’re really sick, go to the doctor. No amount of anything will help you cover the need of medical assistance.


2) Get PLENTY of rest. And STAY HYDRATED! When you’re sick, that’s not the time to pull all nighters. 8+ hours of sleep while sick, really helps you get better and readies yourself for the world. And try a virgin screwdriver. (Just orange juice) Alcohol not only dehydrates you, with all the liquids leaving your body already, it’s easier to see and feel the affects of alcohol.



3) SHOWER. Thats a given right? Though I’d lay off of washing my hair whilst sick; a good shower with peppermint or eucalyptus opens the nose, invigorates, and gets you ready for the day.

4) Lay off the smell goods. Your sense of smell is off wack when you’re sick so better to be safe and just smell like soap and water… See how I tied that shower in?


5) Don’t skimp on the moisturizer. You’re blowing your nose and wiping your face often, so not slathering on a good moisturizer will leave skin chaffed, red, and dry.

6) Less is more – make up: skip the foundation, the blush, the eyeshadow. When you feel like a Mack truck hit you the last thing you want to do is apply a full face. Instead, why not try a tinted BB/ CC cream OR concealer under your (very tired) eyes and your moisturizer? For lips, my go to balm is currently Soap and Glory, it’s super moisturizing with a hint of color. Balms or stains are a sure fire way to look clean and awake with very little upkeep. For the eyes I would sooner opt for mascara over eyeliner because the right mascara can make your eyes really pop and aesthetically give you the boost you need. And cheeks? Who needs blush when your face is probably flushed from all the coughing… Think about it.

7) less is more – clothes: AVOID FRUMPY COMFORT CLOTHES. I know they call to you and tell you it’s cool to dress in work versions of your bathrobe, but it isn’t. Lose that shapeless sweater for a blazer and infinity scarf. Lose the sky high heels (who can balance in those with a congested head) and opt for clean, flat, riding boots. Pair all of that with a comfy clean white tee and some slim fit pants and you’re chic without losing the comfort of cotton.



That nasty Polar Vortex forced me to switch flat riding boots with my warm & toasty Sorel boots. Warm trumps frostbite every time.
20140107-135320.jpgWe’re experiencing a Polar Vortex so I pulled a double jacket. I layered a cardi AND blazer to keep warm.

Nothing is worse than being sick; but looking put together while you get better is win/ win!

Stay dope!


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