Rihanna Viva Glam 2014 release – Today!

20140121-082443.jpgI don’t claim to be a part of the Navy, but I think my blogs on Rihanna and MAC show that I’m definitely a fan.
Unfortunately I’m not a fan of release date, especially since moving to Ohio. Mac online has proven to be pure unadulterated misery. By the second Rihanna release,I realized that MAC’s online team are a bunch sadists, so I’ve gotta think outside of the box. *puts on Winnie the Pooh think face*

20140121-084056.jpgI went to MAC yesterday totally on a whim. While talking to the MAC rep, I expressed my frustrations about my Rihanna online woes and say ” I know she’s coming out with Viva Glam tomorrow; is there any way you can hook me up?!” Apparently MAC reps have lost their jobs over the Rihanna commotion and “hook ups/ holdings”. I would never want anyone to lose their job over a Lippie so I stay pleasant and engaging (it’s just good to make friends and connections in general) and we continue to talk about Rihanna’s line the availability of this lipstick (6 months so they WILL restock) and make-up chit chat. I say “well I guess I’ll be back when you guys re-up, I can’t come when you open and I can’t bear to go online anymore!:-)” She gives me a knowing smile and finds a way to assure my lipstick today without jeopardizing her job! It pays to be friendly!
My friend looked at me and when we walked away he said “look at you! You just found a new avenue by not giving up and not being a jerk!”
Well… Whadayaknow?!?!
Shop wisely!
Stay dope!
And stay open! You never know what it’ll produce!

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