New life, New Yorker: Tales of a NYC girl finding fun, fashion, and friends in a new city.

“There’s Something about Moving”

At this point, I realize that I’m not in Kansas anymore… Well if Kansas were NYC. A lot of my routines have been obliterated.

My commute went from an hour long subway ride (each way), to a 15 minute drive (You never know how much you like walking until it’s off the table), finding free wifi sharing in off beat places is the new unicorn.

Trying to find haunts, digs and dives that remind me of NYC is near impossible.

And don’t get me started on finding friends that are into what I’m into… Wait!!!! What am I into?!?!?!

Instead of being your typical New Yorker, instead of just finding solace in complaining:
“These aren’t New York bagels…”
“You call this Thai food?”
“In New York the party STARTS at 2!”
“You call THIS a city?!”
– I’m going to get out here and prove that a New Yorker with a new life CAN make it outside of New York!

With every trial and triumph, I dare to show you that though New York City is vast and versatile, it isn’t the end all be all in cities, fun, or life. Every two weeks I’ll post about the ‘haps and mishaps in Columbus, Cleveland and beyond as I journey and dare to see through the eyes of a New Yorker no longer in New York!


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