Missing Spring on Valentines Day

I was not one of those grumpy Valentines people this year. Even though I was up at 4:50AM to be at a 5:15 HOUR LONG cardio class, worked a full day, AND a freak storm came out of nowhere in the evening to try to ruin my plans.

I think somehow I knew. I knew that I missed spring, and one of my favorite flowers – the Tulip.

So I dug deep (well…not that deep) into my closet and pulled out my ruffled eyelet coral top that reminds me of tulips, spring, and all things warm.

Top – Steinmart
Pants – The Gap
Boots – Shoedazzle

Everything about this shirt reminds me of tulips in full bloom. Delicate, fluttery, full. I still had to take into account that its winter, and that pesky impromtu winter storm. So to complete the outfit I went with brown boots and black slim fit pants. I feel like the color combo paid off. Sometimes we can jump ahead of ourselves desiring the changing season but coral, black, and brown was the perfect compliment to being in winter and wanting spring.

(30 Days until Spring!)

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