I STOLE my favorite winter look

Technically, I didn’t steal anything. I mean, I have a good eye. And I’m notorious for “shopping” in friends closets, so technically, I didn’t steal it… right?

I’d been complaining about how cold it was and only having one good winter coat. My resolve was to thank God that I had one because there are people with none. And in helping a friend get his closet together, I stumbled upon the mecca of outerwear: an airforce issued winter camo coat.
Me: “Do you rock that?”
Him: “No I wear the raincoat” *points to yet another airforce issued coat*
Me: “Can I have the coat?”
Him: “Sure Jaikeyl.”
And just like that, fashion life changed.

20140223-165105.jpg(Rugged and Ready)

There is nothing like REAL clothes. This isnt a fake F21 (no shade but shade) “Yeah its cute but its not funtional to save my life” coat. This coat is warm, its CAMO, and every time I wear it I get complimented on it.

20140223-165417.jpg(Listening Party Chic)

When I say its versitile…it is. Me gusta and I just wanted to share the admiration.

20140223-165604.jpg(Staying Warm in Winter)

20140223-165710.jpg(Exaggerated bun, burnt berry lips, and boyfriend jeans)
Shop wisely!

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