The Muse

How many people can say that they know possibly one of the most gorgeous creatures on this planet, and it’s not just a friend in your head? Well I can and this blog has been a long time coming.

I met Nikita aka Nik aka Lanomrah Designs on twitter… In the early days (I’ll spare you our first twitter handles). I was writing a book, and we would chop it up daily on twitter. I admired her mind, her positivity and her jewelry. I wanted to interview her. So I suggested we meet, and she accepted.
We met at the Starbucks on E 17th street and when I walked in, in my mind I was all like: GEEZE she is beautiful, what Barbadian genes she got that I don’t? (lol – we both are from Barbadian decent-she’s 100, I’m 50) and after talking for what seemed like hours, I came to see that she was as beautiful, if not more, inside as well. And then…there was her jewelry! Her jewelry is insanely dope! My first taste of LaNomRah Designs were these wicked dope earchains. They were just 100% rocker (do not hold babies or toddlers while wearing them).
And don’t get me started on her beaded hoops (which she will custom make if you have specific colors in mind) I own many pair. Many. And spring is coming around so I will be ordering more.
IMG_20140308_182633 (me rocking my Bajan Pride LaNomRah Designs Beaded Hoops)

What I love about her jewelry, and find so inspiring about her, is how she has taken something that we’ve seen before and put her print on it.

When I wear her creations I truly feel like it was custom made FOR me. I love accessories and as a result, I have a lot, but when I wear her jewelry, I feel like I stand out. Her creations are like a reflection of the owner that buys them. Some of her pieces are the muse on which some of the designs of my fledgling line are built on. (The above necklace is on my “get list” and will be the centerpiece of a few articles of my new line)

The affects of coming in contact with a muse are not just to be inspired, but to share the source of your inspiration. So I just want to spotlight the woman, the muse and her jewelry so that you too might be inspired. Check her out at LaNomRah Designs and be inspired as well.

Nik is amazing. An amazing friend a wonderfully talented artist and an all around dope person.

Find her here:
Instagram: @lanomrah

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