Do you really NEED a BB/ CC cream brush?


20140318-071255.jpgH&M BB Cream Brush

I could end this post at that; but then you’d be like “why Jaikeyl?” And some of you don’t know me well enough to simply take me at my word so let me tell you how I happened upon this and why YOU need it.

I was walking around H&M and normally I scurry past their make up section because… Well, I’m not a fan. But the BB Cream brush caught my eye. I literally did a double take. I immediately speed googled ™ it (a google overview instead of in depth googling) and two words popped out a few times “…. Dense bristles… Less use of cream….” Sold. Because my Clinique CC cream is NOT cheap.

I used a lot less cream. The bristles were soft, smooth, and dense, which resulted in an even more airbrushed look if that’s possible. Soft enough to swipe under my eyes once for complete coverage. Such great coverage that I’m going to post super close untouched pictures of my CC cream applied with my H&M BB cream brush.


20140318-071632.jpg*please note that though it says it’s a BB cream brush, it works great with CC cream as well.

For $9.95 this was a most wise investment!

Shop wisely!

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