How To make Grunge work appropriate.

Aaahh grunge. Born from the Seattle music scene in the 90’s. It was the anti-fashion. Chocked full of leather, plaid, denim – more careless than carefree – you had to have dollars to pull that off in the 90’s.

Sadly, I did not have any. I was in HS school with no real job and my allowance didn’t accrue quick enough to buy anything en vogue, so it was another trend missed in youth.

Fast forward to present day and I’m here and ready for grunge. Neither careless or care free, I’m an adult and I’m more than equipped to pull this off. In the workplace no less! Plaid shirt and leather cargo pants were my weapons of choice to pull this look off.
So simple, work appropriate, and the feeling I got from appeasing HS me (she always wanted to be in trend, but did not have in trend $$$) was great.

The key to pulling this off was the fit, and accessories. Gone are the days of three sizes too large – like the grinch on Christmas – clothes that looks like sackcloth isn’t appealing ever, especially at work.

Though the shirt is a men’s shirt, the fact that it’s from Express (they make everything slim) meant that it wouldn’t give off that unattractive boxy look. Also the leather cargos were fitted but not skin tight. Keep that in mind when buying any pant.

[note: save the “I literally put on his shirt to run errands” big shirts for the weekend… If it’s too big it can look like a walk of shame shirt…what will your coworkers think?]

For accessories – Clean, sharp, and as loud as a work environment will allow…. So – gold! My gold loafers from Shoe dazzle coupled with a multi strand necklace from TJ Maxx.

Being an adult and being able to pull off looks you couldn’t when you were a kid is always a treat, especially to be able to put a more mature, stylish twist on it.

What style was your dream style as a kid that you look/looked forward to it repeating in your adulthood?

Stay dope!

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