The Struggle…

Even when its easy… it’s hard.
So “Le Pouf” is back… and even with planning my outfit the night before, mornings are a struggle with unpredictable hair. So imagine when you DON’T plan your outfit in advance!

All I am saying is that this morning was straight out of a sitcom…but by the end of the day we had a happy ending.
How can something as simple as a unitard and a gathered skirt be hard you ask? Well a lethargic morning and threats of wearing bantu knots to work (it was raining and I had feels for reasons) didn’t help. Then there was the unitard mishap…:
“Do you need help?”
“I’m a girl… chill you’ve been struggling for a few minutes you’re running late…you sure?”
“I got it…*sigh* No… I don’t. Please help…”

Most humbling feeling ever is having your homegirl have to help you with your unitard. That’s love.

Skirt - Fashion Under 50 Top - Asos Belt - Old Navy Shoes - Aldos
Skirt – Fashion Under 50
Top – Asos
Belt – Old Navy
Shoes – Aldos

The Skirt is a Fashion Under 50 original Chevron gathered skirt. One of my favorites so I’m glad the weather lightened up for both my hair AND the skirt!
Shop Wisely!

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