Fashion under $50 – the $16 outfit

You heard me right! My top and pants combined cost me $16!!

How you ask? Shopping sales and only getting what can add to your wardrobe!

The top is a f21 top I purchased a few years ago for $11.

The pants I recently picked up from The Gap for $4.97. Please note, I’d been eyeing them since they came out but I knew I’d catch them on sale. I just didn’t think it would be that great of a sale.

Clearly they are a memorable print pant so my cost per wear will be well worth it if I get 2-3 more wears in. Not to mention this can transition into fall!

These pants are clean, cute, work appropriate, and they appease this nautical kick I’ve been on. I figured since this was the last day that my hair would be out before going back into protective style, I’d make the only simplistic top bun and let my outfit do the talking. I like what it was saying!

Shop wisely!

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