This is My Kairos

So, a year ago (give or take a few days) was the release of the album KAIROS by Christian rapper Armondwakeup.

The definition of Kairos is: a moment in time that presents an opportunity for change.

When the album first came out, the shoes I’m wearing today – Shoedazzle “Naimh”- made their debut. Today is the only time since then, that I have worn them. When I realized this, I felt that a blog was in order.
At the KAIROS anniversary concert this past weekend, music blasting, praise high, I turned and looked at my fellow co-laborer in Christ, Brittany and sung aloud: “Never living with my eyes closed THIS is my Kairos!” That moment, that concert, was a loud and clear kairos moment. It was then that I realized the weight of assessing and moving in a Kairos moment.

I am not who I was a year ago, and things that I could not imagine happening did. Each moment an opportunity for change. You see, there are God choices, good choices and bad choices. And though every choice I made wasn’t a God choice; I’m glad to be here because each choice brought me closer to God.
Some will say that God and fashion don’t mix. But my Kairos moments will beg to differ, and as He unfolds the marriage, I’ll present it to you! Like these shoes, some things aren’t meant for everyday wear. They’re meant for seasons. You simply enjoy them in their season. Some things you go back to and realize that you can do more with them than you thought. I realized that when I put these shoes on today!

So with joy I can look at a year ago and laugh that I’m not there anymore.20140623-212532-77132912.jpg
I can smile with assurance that each day is a chance to begin a new.


Never living with my eyes closed; THIS is my Kairos


Dress – Old Navy
Shoes – Shoedazzle
Belt – Express
Sunglasses – Aldos

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