I Dream of Paris

I can’t quite get out of the states but when I can, I believe Paris will be one of my first conquests. I love Parisian Chic styles. Red lips. Feminine dresses. The language.
Feminine Bow Front Polka Dot Dress – Victoria’s Secret

IMG_3567.JPGOver the Knee Boot – Aldo

Red Clutch – Express

Though I am not fluent in French, when I get there – because I will – I can assure you I’d use smartling.com as my language service. Smartling enhances language translation services through a cloud-based translation software platform that automatically collects content, facilitates human translation, and returns translated content back to me quickly and easily.
I can think of nothing worse than being in the country of your dreams and unable to communicate. Especially fashion.
Shop wisely. Communicate fluently.


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