The Delicate Necklace vs. The Statement Necklace

Oh fashion! Thank you again for trying to dictate what we should wear, when we should wear it, and why we are out of style.
But that’s just it!!! Style transcends fashion. Fashion is on trend and tells us to ditch things that could be classic, quirkily you, or both… Only to three seasons later say it’s back in style – the Emerald City Sequence from The Wiz comes to mind.

And of course fashion is back at it saying delicate is in and statement is out. I beg to differ.
IMG_4693.JPGThough I love delicate necklaces in the very same 7 day time span, I also got my life with a statement necklace:

IMG_4523.JPGAnd if you’re really paying attention

You’ll notice my current style preference is MIXING the statement and delicate necklace together.

Do I like delicate?

IMG_4695.JPGWithout a doubt. But I like statement as well, and even more, I like the feeling of mixing it up to create a style all my own.

IMG_4521.JPGAnd that’s just it. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in fashion that we forget to style what we own so that it truly reflects and captures who we are in that moment.
So what am I suggesting? Don’t blindly ditch your statement necklaces based on current trend. Hold on the them and see if they continue to speak to you and your wardrobe as they grow!

Shop wisely!

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