I’m Pescetarian … For a month

So it’s the new year… Of course we’re all making vows that will only last till the first pay period, but I refuse to be one of “those”.
At the end of last year, I told myself: “Jaikeyl…things are a changing. You’re gonna follow through this year. big tings a ‘gwan”
An big tings indeed ‘gwan.

*Kale, Kiwi, Banana, strawberry smoothie*

I want to be healthier this year for real. I have real goals of running a half marathon by June and a full one by November. Also to be the dopest skater that ever walked the earth but thats not happening, so spinning and pinwheeling are more realistic goals… I digress.
To keep it all the way 100, I KNOW how to be healthy, its just a conscious choice on my part not to do so. But the move from NYC to OH, and the extra driving has given me a few extra pounds that I didn’t bargain for; and I finally realized adjustments must be made.
So pescetarian for a month. Why? Because I can’t be vegetarian (that’s too much for me) and I kind of hate chicken right now; so all fish, all the time, all month. And who knows, maybe I’ll miss chicken.

*pictured above : Enchilada Pasta, Greek Yogurt with cranberry granola, Sliced cucumbers & celery*

My lunches are mainly veggie because I don’t want to “fish” up the office I share. But so far so good. I DO miss bacon and meat; but let’s take time to slow clap Jesus for crock pots. WHO KNEW? (apparently all of Pinterest and many, many ohioans)

But each month I’m going to try something new. Here’s to jump starting the year on the right foot.



    • How was it acclimating back to meats?!?! I know i’ll be cutting back on meat heavily this year but i can’t let go of bacon and taco bell forever! Lol def join!!! What health benifits did you see?

      • It was not bad, I had no adverse effects, excpet I gain back most of the weight I lost because I was just eating anything. When I cut out the meat, I ate way better. Often making smoothies and salads. Now when I was only eating veggies, the energy was up, acid reflux gone. I had been hospitalized for pancreatitis. Had no more stomach issues and my skin was glowing even more. Alot of the weight came off. See now, I am definitely going back to that lifestyle.

      • Thats real! My food choices even this short have been more conscious with the removal of fast food and junk food. My energy isnt up yet but i think thats due to sleep inconsistencies. That says alot that it removed stomach issues, acid reflux AND you were glowing?!?! I’d definitely join back in if i were you!!! I totes look forward to hearing your progress!! 🙂

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