Baby it’s Cold Outside

I mean… It’s not polar vortex cold but it’s still cold.

I feel like the polar vortex is like the dropping gas prices. You appreciate 30 degree weather when you think about subzero temps, just like we love seeing that low regular price but the next grade is now .15 higher rather than .10 it’s cool for now, but when those prices shoot up… The lesser of two evils…. For now… I digress.

I say all that to say I was acting like it was “summer” winter™ with my coat open… No gloves…

2015/01/img_6008.jpgMy entire outfit… Cropped sweatshirt and jeans were the Gap.

2015/01/img_6009.jpgMy booties?! Shoedazzle for $15!!!!

I luh that coat from a now defunct local Columbus store in the short north 😦

2015/01/img_5930.jpg Here’s to braving the winter… We’ve got no place but up to go 😊

Shop wisely!!


  1. Love this look! the yellow definitely brightens up the cold a bit ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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