About a Pescetarian…

So at the beginning of this month I became a Pescetarian… For a month. HARDEST THING EVER. I contemplated blogging things like “Will beat someone down for a burger” on days that it was really hard (nothing replaces meat). But instead, I got inventive. And on this the last day, I’m so happy I did it.

I’ve learned how to eat healthier
Fish is versatile and I’m thankful for my crockpot for week lasting healthy meals. Quinoa chili was ridonk (fishless)

There was also a pasta crockpot meal that set my life on fire (in a good way)

I learned cucumbers are just as crunchy as chips, and more filling; that you shouldn’t overzealously commit to things – yeah that one week without candy ended on a Wednesday at midnight. But that change can happen if you commit to making small gradual changes.

I missed Taco Bell so my healthier option was to make Jaikeyl “fast food” fish tacos. I baked the
lowfat Gordon fish filets 2 = 1 serving at 240 calories
Refried beans – 2 tablespoons
Guacamole- 2 tablespoons
Shredded cheese
Wrapped in a 6″ tortilla
It was TASTEY. And filling!

Possibly my greatest meal was curried cabbage and my Rogan Josh Curry whiting. Sweet Louise!!!!


I could go on and on about the ups and downs but I won’t. I will not remain a pescetarian but I will keep these healthier habits I’m not going to jump back into being a meatetarian™ but I’m going stay healthy.

Another perk?
I lost 3.5lbs!!! I’m super geeked about that. All and all this was a great start to my year!!!

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