Press “Go”

I’m an advocate of shopping the sale. With discretion, wisely, and on a budget . But sometimes you have to press the “go” button.

I’m notorious for filling a shopping cart and “walking” away from it. It’s one of the beauties of online shopping. The victimless crime – until online retailers caught wind and started sending out “hey you still have a cart of stuff” emails. I digress, but present to you why sometimes you have to press that button.

Last Saturday was an ordinary Saturday; well not ordinary… It was a pay weekend. I’d completed my 11 workouts for the month and thus, had earned my set aside treat. A shopping budget. Now I wasn’t sure what I would spend my money on: actual retail store, online shopping, make-up, a wig or two? Then, Nasty Gal sent an email that said: “Additional 40% of sale items!” That prompted me to go to the site to “look”. I was sure that a sale like that meant that all the real sizes were gone and there were only sample sizes left. I was wrong.

This scuba dress I got for $21 is now $35

The “slick” trousers I got for $17 are now $29

The Peplum dress i paid $16 is now $27

And my pièce de résistance, this SUPER dope sequined peplum top – can you tell that I Love sequin? – that I paid $20 for, and it’s now $34

So not lingering, and knowing when to pounce made my purchase $74 instead of $155. If I looked in my cart and saw that $155 price tag for 4 pieces… I’d have peaced out that cart and passed. That is an average of $38 per garment. But at $74, it averages about $18 a garment.

What have been some of your fashion sale success? What have been some failures? Share below in the comments and email your stories for a chance to be featured

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As always, shop wisely!

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