Don’t Quit Your Day Job

I’m a fashion blogger.  There.  I said it. But that doesn’t pay the bills…yet.  I’m one of the masses that works to support my dream.  Thing is, from time to time I get them confused.  Street style and casual work attire  have melded into this big ball of confusion about what’s appropriate for work and what’s not.  I find myself in front of my closet like “what do you mean ripped jeans & 6” pumps aren’t work appropriate? I’m wearing a blazer with it for Petes sake!” 

But this look was streetstyle/ casual work gold.

Black & white pintucked blouse – H&M $9.95

Rhinestone rope necklace – H&M – $12.95

Brogues -Shoedazzle beau+ashe 

So yes, I have to fund my current dream job that I’m living out with my 9-5; but in this instance, Streetstyle and Causual work. Made it all worth it. After all, anything worth having is worth fighting for. Style included.

Shop wisely!


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