Ahhhhhh my youth son… Good times. My mother didn’t let me do the lipstick thing till way late😒 but she gave me free reign in her nailpolish. She is the reason my nailpolish collection is exceedingly epic. My mother put me onto Brucci and if you don’t know what Brucci is, we can’t be friends. 

Purple Haze was that joint. I mean it was purple, it was metallic-ie! I was too young to wear red and this color was insanely ridonk! 

Needless to say I was strolling down the nailpolish isle in target – I don’t know why, Lord knows I’m on a budget – and stumbled upon a color that kicked me right in the childhood.

Color: Too Haute

It was like my youth met my adulthood and said “we’ve grown up. I know you’ont have time to paint your nails so here is your color plus some hang time.”

Now listen. It’s a two step system and each Sally Hansen polish was 7.99 *gasp*  but if this really gives me 10 days of unbothered childhood. Well worth the cost.

Shop wisely!

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