Back In the Day

Listen… I’m not gonna lie. It’s getting warmer and the desire to run free is rising up. Hard. 

A guilty pleasure of mine is listening to Ahmad’s “Back in The Day”. It is my go to reminisce song. I miss being a kid. But I dunno, being an adult has some perks… I guess… Like being able to buy now what your momma said you couldn’t have when you were a kid.

Gaaaahhhh I LOOOVVVVEEEE bamboo earrings!! (I literally have two pair)($5 H&M)

But alas, I’m an adult know – one who sneaks selfies at work no less – and I just needed to pair these to make them work ready.

If you’ve ever wondered how to pair bamboo earrings,  might I suggest a delicate gold and beaded necklace? ($7)

Who me? Just giving you “I’m an adult blogger who has to work to do what I love…etc.”

That lotion wasn’t product placement…

That shirt? $7 H&M sale 

Slacks? $14 The Gap sale

The shoes? Not sale 😒 “vintage” Jessica Simpson denim platforms $70

*Also natural girl tip* If you ABHORE wearing your hair in protective styles due to the whole “Ceily” vibe… Pop some large hoops on to add some edge. Trust me your hair is docile enough you’re earrings shouldn’t be.

Shop wisely! 

For Your Listening Pleasure

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