Luck of the Irish

So on this the weekend before St. Patrick’s day, the weather reached 65 degrees here in fickle “might as well be Canada” Ohio (no offense Canadians). That’s like summer people! I’d planned on staying in and vlogging but… Plans change.

When I got to the Short North I was all “why are people wearing green, being loud, and like, immensely inebriated??? Ooohh St. Patrick’s day weekend.”

You’d think I celebrate given my last name and the fact that my grandmother wanted to name me Shannon – shout out to my mom for that veto though – but I don’t. Yet, I felt some kind of way not having green on. Wait a minute…

As luck would have it (see what I did there?) I switched purses today!!!! Seriously, I could not see it for my army tote and my oliva + joy purse was staring at me in all her greeness.  And when I got her, I got her on major sale at a  Strawberries in NYC. 

So I really am lucky! Somebody better rub me!!! Wait… That’s not how it works is it?  Anywho… 

Shop wisely!!! 

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