Coffee, regular 


 So like… NYC is the greatest city in earth. Seriously. Mainly because coffee. Like, you don’t know how much you miss creature comforts until they’re there again.

My mom ordered us breakfast. Then said coffee, black.  I looked over at her and said “oh! Add another black coffee!” Thinking to myself I’ll play the guessing game of how to sweeten and cream this jawn when it gets here. Then something in me woke up and I blurted “NO! Coffee… Regular.” 


It’s like regular coffee is the one taste all NYer’s must have in common because no matter where you ask for it, it’s all the same and it’s all perfect.

My manicure game is strong also.


It’s the little things.

Nailpolish: RickyColor – Highline Hangout 

*Also another guilty pleasure when in NYC*


 Top : H&M – $3

WU-TANG is for the children. 

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