Riding thru the 6 with my Woe’s

So… I’ve learned a few things on this trip to NYC:

  1. Regular coffee is great! It just is.
  2. Free doesn’t equal a blessing so choose the “free” things wisely…EVERYTHING COSTS.
  3. The oil man got me right through the summer. Like, I’m going to be smelling so nice my Boaz gonna be lurkin, sniffin & searchin’ for me (if you don’t know who Boaz is, read your bible😊)
  4. My mother is not allowed to book my flights unless they are non stops from CMH to JFK
  5. LaGuardia airport makes my skin crawl.
  6. But most importantly; even with packing light I can still KILL the game. 


Okay… Okay… I stole those sweats from my giant of a little brother but still… I earned them. We danced, worshiped and praised for like 4 HOURS yesterday. The last outfit I packed (a dress) was not happening.

  There were like noooo t-shirts left from Hunger Thirst and Righteousness so I got a very large righteousness tee. I initially split it up the middle to tie it in front and my mother looked and me like “don’t let Satan use you, we are going to church” but even untied, it gave me a very Denise Huxtable feel… Me likey. I’ve been on my Denise lately and trust… A blog is coming.

Those sunnies ?????!?!!! Vintages and gifted from my uncle. I seriously love him, not just for the things either… But he KNOWS how to gift. Everyone needs that person in their life.

Also. ALWAYS pack a blazer; preferably a leather one. Like that was THE SMARTEST peice of my wardrobe tied every outfit together. 

Ugghhh I love this outfit. Love it!!! It makes me sad to leave NYC. Alas…

Shop (and borrow) wisely!!!

*also I am a high bun gawdess!!!! 


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