Schoolhouse Rock 

 I like dresses. They’re simple, easy.  At most, it’s two piece dressing. Now I’m not going to say I’m lazy, but I’m a realist.  I don’t wake up every morning thinking “aye lets make this a stylish day”! But those are usually the days I get caught out there, be it a meeting or… Just roaming and you stroll past a tenderoni not looking your beat-est… *inserts Titus Andromedon face*  


So I wised up and have been on the lazy dress wave for years.

  Take this number. A scuba dress from Nasty Gal, a button up, and some animal print flats and I was GTG.
  I got a lot of compliments… Mainly that I looked like a cute school girl but I’ll take that.
The kangaroo pouch, fit & flare and pockets made this an easy style choice. I almost wish I’d gotten a more neutral color to wear it a lot more, school uniform style… Alas I got orange which is bold. But the color really lends to the simplistic cut and fit of the dress. 

 If you still want this dress go head and add it to your wardrobe arsenal! And remember…

Shop wisely!


    • They do!!!! And thank you!!! When you’re in your 30’s and can still pull some of their style off … I be on my yaasss ma’am. They have a cape dress I’d punch someone in the face for😃😂😂

      • Hahahahaha!!!
        Like, “why your face all swole up?”
        I got hit.
        “for what??”
        I had this cape dress and see what had happened was..

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