4 Steps for How – To wear a Sundress to Work

BRUH!!!!! Sundress season is finally herreeeeee!!! 

Oh it’s that wonderful time of the year where the sun makes more continuous grand appearances, the sunnies are warranted; life is just… Better, to quote Q-Tip.  However with only 17-19 weekends left of warm weather, possible weekend rain…. Your optimal sundress days widdle down, lest you incorporate them into work wear – a fine line as I’ve already seen fashion faux pas – correctly.

So first things first: 


  1. Length is KEY

Maxi dresses aren’t for work. (Sorry not sorry) However, an optimal work possible sundress falls anywhere between below the knees – to mid calf. 


      2.   Blazers make it better

I’d opt for a blazer over a cardigan because it’s a cleaner, more professional look.  Cardi’s can sometimes give off a frumpy vibe, whereas a blazer is a more put together option. Remember, even if you don’t want to be at work, you shouldn’t dress like that.

     3.  Shoes

Flip flops are for the pool. Flip flops are not a work shoe. I mean, it’s a shoe named after the sound it makes!! I wouldn’t mix a pump with a sundress either, so a neutral toned sandal with a chunky heel transitions from work to after work well. 

       4.  Hair 

I’m learning the work balance. It’s like you can’t look too happy or too miserable.  Too happy and you look like you don’t have enough work to do, too miserable and you look like you’re biding your time.  Same goes with hair. If it’s too carefree you may not get taken seriously (this is the world we live in).  So, if you put on your sundress and your hair is free and you look like an exquisite Saturday afternoon, 1) yes boo slay!!! 2) pull your hair back or up to look more professional.

Now don’t get huffy. Count yourself lucky if you can even wear a sundress to work, there are some professions that it’s business suits only. Or worse, a uniform. But if you don’t want them changing the dress code because you couldn’t keep it together for 8 hours, these 4 steps should help!  


Dress – $4 AmericanRetro @ DFWH

Blazer – H&M – can’t remember the price 

Belt – $1 – Pay/Half

Shoes – $7 Lane Bryant @ DFWH 

Shop Wisely!! 

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