Mayday Mayday!!

It’s warm weather season! I don’t know about you but here in Ohio, we’ve had a week straight of 80+ weather. FAAAAANNNNNTASTTTICCC!

And yet,  we still have to go to work.  America should really think about implementing siestas. I don’t know about you, but late summer nights lead to “make this quick” mornings.    I’m talking about, you still have to look put together and ready even if you strolled a little too long the night before soaking in that “I don’t need no stinking jacket” warm air.  So,

I’m all about skirts & dresses.  I told you… simple yet put together.
Now, I wore this skirt already for resurrection Sunday, but I love pieces that you can wear over and over again.  This red Asos Midi skirt is the bees knees and I copped it for $12 at DFWH here in Columbus.    This Gap top was $10 on one of those insane 50% off already sale items.  And that deep indigo makes this a go-to top for its neutral versatility.  I haven’t paired it with anything and thought “meh” yet.  Not to mention the cut of this top goes from work to fun real quick #zeroto100realquick  Now the shoes are Aldo.  They were high 40’s but  they were on sale.  I remember an ex commenting on them saying that they weren’t “clean” looking white shoes.  And that’s what drew me to them.  I said “they look worn in and still good so they’ll be a perfect fit in my closet.”  6 years later they still are.  It’s a clean shoe but doesn’t look perfect.  I love that about them.  I always chuckle when my outfits are red, white, & blue on accident.  

But my black $5  “Fay Bandz” were just the right touch of “I don’t have to go change, I can hang in this”

This week’s weather has me feeling like May is going to be my favorite month (HA we all know August is that month) But one week in… and it has major potential.  I love sleeping with the windows opens, nights where jackets are optional, and skirt & dress weather sans the morning chill fear.

Hope you’re enjoying it too.  What’s something you look forward to style wise when the weather gets warm?  Let me know! Comment below or… you know… hit me up on the electronic mail:

Shop Wisely!!

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