How to wear Primary Colors

Are you one of those “I could never wear that!” people?  So was I, but like most things, you can’t let fear run the show. 

I actually like the color yellow, just not on me. But upon a visit to The Gap, I  saw a dress that looked like art. Had. To. Have.

  Now this dress is currently on sale at for 39.99 but I got it in Columbus, OH for like $17 on one of those insane 50% of sale price sales.  Thank you Columbus! I’m sure that wouldn’t have happened in NYC with such a dope dress. 
 Anywho… I knew that I wasn’t going to go the “lady” route with this dress… Too safe. What isn’t safe? Playing with primary colors. I decided to be bold and pair my red converse with that dress… 

 Greatest win ever. So many compliments on both the dress and sneakers (what am I? Chopped liver?!?!) It wouldn’t be right to not throw in pictures of my fanny pack. 

A little over the shoulder action because fanny packs are also versatile.

Now THAT is a color combo!

 As always… Shop wisely!! 



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