The HIGH was 65 yesterday. This is a far cry from the 80 degree temps in the beginning of the month. Memorial Day festivities are upon us, and I can get away with wearing a sweatshirt still… 

  This was a Thursday look. Can I share that I can’t get over that I can’t wear jeans until Friday’s at work. Reaaalllyy puts a damper on the lazy girls guide to workwear (jeans & blazer). So sweatshirt it is.  
  And pinstriped pants. I won them in that ASOS contest a while back (2013) and this is my third time wearing them 😳 I thought to myself, “self… These are too fancy!” And then yesterday I just thought: “forget it, you’ll just be fancy-ish because there is no way I’m not wearing a sweatshirt”. Turned out okay.Sweatshirt was $16 at T.J. Maxx   Feeling the shades $5.90 at F21 

 Vintage Aldo shoes.  They’re literally 15 years old. Omgosh my shoes are teenagers… $70 (I cheated the price was on the box) 
Shop wisely!

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