Don’t Call it Festival Season…

I cannot stand festival season.  

 Yikes that’s harsh right? Probably because I’m an adult, and have a job so floating from festival to festival seems unrealistic. Maybe it’s because bohemian style was hijacked and renamed “festival”…whatever the case, though I don’t like the word festival; I do like the ease and relaxed vibe of bohemian style. Especially in the summer. Thing is though, most clothes and patterns cater to Tweens, so being an adult, it can be hard to find styles that don’t scream “yeah I was at F21…and what?” And since fashion waits for no one, I’m officially debuting my FashionUnder50 Clothing Line with this super dope “more mature” kimono.  

 No shade to any retailer that caters to youth but some of us adults are “Tweens” in our own right.  Too old for Forever 21, too young for Chico’s.

So that is what the FashionUnder50 Clothing Line will cater too. Stylish, simplistic, AFFORDABLE pieces that meet the adult “Tweens” need. 

  This kimono is a size medium and if you’re interested in purchasing one, please contact me @ 
And remember…

Shop wisely!

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