👀❤️ ATCQ 4ever

Where to begin?  

A Tribe Called Quest was virtually a right of passage for me. They were the moment I fell in love with hip hop, and quite possibly started the journey to loving my quirks. Trying my hardest not to sound like “Brown Sugar”, I remember the first night I heard them. It was 98.7 kissfm; DJ Red Alert debuted the “Spread Love” remix of Bonita Applebaum.  She was the first fictional female I wished I was.  

People’s Instinctive travels and the Paths of RyhthmBright, summery, not overly sexualized. Bonita was the original sought after girl. Because we are now living in a day and age where you have to be on fleek 24/7, it’s nice to fall back for nostalgias sake and give you laid back cute.Top: Khol’s – $7 

Skirt: borrowed from my mom 😐😁

Shoes: Old Navy – $12

Earrings: H&M – $5.95

Luck of Lucien   This vibe is totally L.o.L  

Sooo not norm core but 100% relaxed. ATCQ made you feel good about just being you. Telling Lucien they were compassionate to him “as is” did something for me as a teen fashion/ fit-in wise, and it stills rings true today.Tee Shirt: Target – $3

Print pants – $10 some street store off of St. Mark’s NYC 

Sneakers: Superga Sneakers – $6 (yes $6! You want me to be your shopper)


Low End Theory vs. Midnight Marauders 

Both albums are soooo dope, if you ever want to have a heated discussion, sit with me and my childhood crew (this consisted of my twin brother and his friends) regarding samples, lyrics, originality…

But that red & green figure… That tribal design… Has influenced fashion and demo covers the world over!

This dope tee was copped from a Creative Control gathering here in Columbus. This shirt was an homage created by none other than @mrshortscreates 

 Tee shirt: Creative Control – $15 

Shorts: made

Sneakers: Converse – $60 (told you everything isn’t under $50)  

Never forget, shop wisely and walk hard!!   

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