How to do the Impossible – Culottes in the Workplace  

We all remember culottes right?!? Or am I showing my age?  When I remember them, I was a kid and the original Degraasi High was on television – Not the wheelchair Jimmy one with Emma & Manny – the one with Emma’s momma, Christine.  Bad hair, worse style, culottes. Well what I remember of the 80’s made me cool off of the style, so that’s never been a thing. 

I’m all “be pants or a skirt, not both”  


 But in my adulthood, I’m seeing way better versions than what decades past had to offer,  richer fabrics, great colors… Stylish enough to take you from day to night.

  Enter these cute “mother of pearl” Warehouse | Asos culottes I copped for a cool $12 (srsly you want me to be your shopper). Swoon! Paired with my Aldo’s  pumps and a denim top; one could look like they’re ready for work and open to a date in the evening!
 That clutch is my new “thing” this summer. It was $8 at Target! 
So nice I had to show you twice!   Remember… Shop wisely! 

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