4 Ways to Summer Like a Champ 

 It’s here! Summer is offiicially here (almost). Instead of getting sucker punched by heat and humidty; I’ve come up with 4 surefire ways to summer like a champ and breeze through this *hopeful* scorcher of a summer… sue me, I want it hot! I survived a polar vortex…

1) WAX

 Seriously.  If you play your cards right and dont grow hair at an über accelerated rated rate; A brazillian (trust me, take that underside off) by this weekend, and two waxings can get you right, until just before labor day.  The time you save, and cuts avoided due to slip of hand are worth a few miutes of pain.  Not a waxer?  Try  Nair for the bikini area, but for goodness sake DO NOT attempt a brazilian with a depilatory system. 😖

2) Keep Refreshers on Hand  These basics will help keep you fresh smelling on the muggiest of days and most heinous of commutes.  No expensive options here, all drug store.  Flushable cottonel wipes, and a travel size deoderant can carry you from commute to mock cocktails.  If you’re feeling extra frisky, try carrying a scented oil with you or a rollerball fragrance for added “umpff”  But please, please, please don’t perfume without refreshing first!


 Spray sunscreen is a godsend.  I’ll admit, being blessed with melanin had me in the sun wreckless in my youth, but as an adult, I make more wise decisions to ensure that my black, in fact, does not crack.  Spray suncreen isn’t   messy, won’t  burst in your purse, and you simply spray and go.  This isn’t just for the pool or beach either, its great for when you are picnicing, biking, or gallery hopping!

4) Lose the Flip Flops  They’re made for beaches, pools, and public showers.  Not to mention they have no support.  Don’t shorten your summer strolls for lack of support, and avoid swollen, concrete beaten piggies by opting for a cute pair of tennis or trainers.  And here is a hint, if you chose Converse, make sure to get some comfy insoles for added support!

These 4 steps will help you achieve major strides in summering like a champ. You can do it!  Go Forth and prosper in the warmth!

Shop wisely!

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